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Rowley Family Dental Center
Richard Seltenrich D.M.D & Douglas A. Shealy, D.D.S
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Family Dentistry in Rowley, Massachusetts

At the Rowley Family Dental Center, we establish relationships to foster preventive care and create great dental health habits for kids, parents, and grandparents. That is what family dentistry is all about.

Endodontics—Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics is a way to save a tooth even though the nerve tissue inside of it has become infected. The canal space within the tooth is carefully cleaned out, disinfected, and sealed to keep out bacteria. We have new methods to make this a painless procedure.

Following a root-canal treatment, it is common to cement a post in the tooth and build up the core with filling materials to strengthen the tooth internally. This is topped with a crown to strengthen the tooth externally.
Tooth Decay in Children — Cosmetic Dentistry in Rowley, MA
Dentist Showing Something on Dental X-ray Image — General Dentistry in Rowley, MA

Panoramic Digital X-Rays

Our Panoramic digital X-ray shows all of your teeth in one picture and is taken from outside of your mouth! This is an excellent choice for patients that gag easily with conventional X-rays or for evaluating wisdom teeth that are forming in teenagers. The digital format makes it simple to electronically mail your panoramic X-ray to an orthodontist or an oral surgeon, if need be.

Prophylaxis—Gum Disease Treatments

While regular cleanings help prevent tartar and plaque buildup that cause gum inflammation, scaling and root planing is a type of super cleaning ideal for extremely sensitive gums. We work with a number of local specialists to correct more advanced cases of gum disease.
Happy Smile — Disease Treatments in Rowley, MA
Man with a Toothache — Dentistry in Rowley, MA


In situations where wisdom teeth are causing crowding or when a tooth is damaged beyond treatment, we offer extractions. Unlike many general dentists, we perform over 80% of extractions at our office. Our Dental Center works with several specialists in the local area for unusually difficult cases.

We Love Kids!

As a family dental center, we routinely treat children. Fillings have become much less traumatic with early detection and new treatment methods and materials.
Boy Having His Teeth Cleaned - General Dentistry in Rowley, MA
Girl Having Dental Checkup - Family Dentistry in Rowley, MA
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